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Adam Allsuch Boardman Bundle


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the current lock-down restrictions in place in the UK right now, we will be unable to ship your order straight away. We will aim to ship them as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted and it is safe for staff to continue working at the Picture House. Thank you for your patience!


A Christmas bundle featuring the beautiful work of artist Adam Allsuch Boardman, includes a tote bag, an A3 digital print and an illustrated film history book!


A screen-printed thick canvas tote bag featuring an illustration of the cinema's exterior.

A3 digital print featuring the exterior of the Picture House, with an animated cast of movie characters. Printed by Ripe Digital in Acroprint Indigo, full colour, on 300gsm paper.

An essential read for any film lover, this beautifully illustrated volume explores the tradition of filmmaking that stretches from today’s blockbusters back to its roots in prehistory.

Emerging talent Adam Allsuch Boardman guides the reader on an epic filmmaking journey that covers cameras, directors and stars through the ages. Landmark films and innovations in technology and composition are presented with endearing, stylised illustration in a celebration of cinema’s profound impact on entertainment and the way we see and remember the world.


This bundle is also available from the kiosk, as are the individual items.